Mandalay comes up trumps again

April 15, 2016


Not only is Gold Race Sponsor Mandalay Resources making a significant contribution as the Gold Sponsor of the O’Keefe Marathon they have this time gone above and beyond.


Most of the events have the sash for the winner, medal and sponsor prize. Cash also for the marathon and half marathon. Initial discussions by organisers and thoughts the sponsor prize may be a bottle of wine from one of the fine local wineries. Normal type race prizes.


Well Mandalay have gone up many rungs once again. The hamper will not only be provided for the winners of the Marathon, Half and Quarter. Placegetters in each age category will also receive hampers. Mandalay has used local producers to full the hampers and the same local produce is available to you while visiting Heathcote.


The winners in all age categories of the Marathon, Half and Quarter will also receive a unique Mandalay Resources miniature ceramic helmet (pictured) filled with high grade port.  The bottle of wine has the O’Keefe etched in gold down the side.


Event Director Sandra Slatter said, “for our junior Under 18 event in the quarter marathon they will receive an alternate prize due to the wine and port in the other hampers.”


Sponsors at times handover the cash and we are also always grateful of that. Mandalay though continue to surprise the race organisers by their generosity in not only cash to ensure the race goes on, but prizes like this.


Mandalay is also assisting with shuttle buses for participants and their high skilled staff with medical experience and a nurse to assist with First Aid if required. Mandalay and their staff have also been active at race meetings assisting organisers with event operations to ensure the event has a legacy in the area for many years to come.


A lasting legacy right now from Mandalay are the poppet heads that currently stand proudly as our finish line.


2nd and 3rd prize hampers for Marathon, Half and Quarter















Thank you Mandalay.

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