Fun Run Feb 21 - Training Plan from Couch to 5km's in 5 weeks

January 14, 2016


You have not left the couch for sometime or your enthusiasm to fitness has gone out the window.


Someone mentions there is a local Fun Run.


You’re relieved. At long last a reason to get off the backside. It gives you a small objective to work back into a reasonable level of fitness.


This training program is not about doing a personal best time. It is to get back into some fitness work so you can successfully complete 5km’s without walking.


Who knows you may enjoy it. Getting out of the house from the feral kids, TV shows you have watched many times over or watching other sports people strutting their stuff. This is now your chance.


Running can be contagious. It is your thinking time, a chance to solve the problems of the world and is your time to plan your week, month or year.

Enjoy it. Who knows next year you may be lining up for a 10km, half marathon or marathon.


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