Meet Leon, Lavinia, Bruce and Jika: Four different ways to tackle the O’Keefe Challenge

March 27, 2018


Meet Leon, Lavinia, Bruce and Jika, who each have four different ways to tackle the O’Keefe Challenge. Which challenge will you choose?





Firstly, 2006 World Duathlon Champion and (very recently retired) pro triathlete Leon Griffin has returned to his hometown of Bendigo after a long stint in Boulder, Colorado (USA). He has fallen in love with this region’s rail trails and the endurance  set to line up for his first ever marathon race at the O’Keefe Challenge. Leon has been seen on Instagram training on the trail during his Saturday training sessions and there will be no doubt about his mental and physical toughness come April 22. “I don’t have a specific time in mind that I want to put out there, I am looking forward to enjoying the trail,” Leon shared during a recent Sunday morning long run.




Lavinia Petrie - who will be known to many as our 2017 Age Grade Prize winner – is this year dropping down distance from the Marathon to the Connally’s Real Estate 5km Run / Walk Against Dementia. The cause of dementia is particularly close to her heart: “Awareness and understanding about dementia is still alarmingly low and the prevalence of dementia is growing in Australia,” Lavinia said of her switch of events.




Whilst Leon and Lavinia are seasoned runners, Bruce Hibbert of Doreen’s story is very different. He caught the running bug after seeing a flyer at the coffee table at his work early last year and before he knew it he’d entered in 14 events in 12 months. He’s dropped his parkrun PB by a huge 12 and a half minutes and has run over 450 kilometres since January 1. The 42 year old is on such a roll he recently called the O’Keefe Challenge team to upgrade from the Half Marathon to the full Marathon. “This will be my first full Marathon and my training has been going so well and I’ve been enjoying it so much I just thought: why not?”




Finally, 21 year old Jika Knight may live with cerebral palsy and typically a wheelchair to get around, but not during The O’Keefe Challenge. Jika is expected to participate for the third time in the Ekiden Relay, where teams of seven runners take turns to complete the 42.2km marathon distance. Teams can enter the All male, All Female, Mixed and an All-Abilities category to further extend the opportunities for more people to enjoy the Trail.


Haven’t experienced the O’Keefe Rail Trail before?
We invite you to choose your challenge today >

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