Travis: The man who ... pram-runs marathons!

Meet Travis, Hudson and Indie Colley - this year they completed their own 'challenge': a marathon with a double-pram and two kids!


Travis, who by day is a PE Teacher at Kangaroo Flat PS, has always had a 'bucket-list' item of completing a full marathon with both of his kids. After tackling the 2018 O'Keefe Half Marathon from Knowsley to Heathcote, he stepped up to the full distance at the Ned Kelly Chase in October.


We caught up with Travis to find out more ...


O'Keefe Challenge (OKC): What motivated you to run a marathon with a double-pram? 


Travis Colley:This is something that I have wanted to do ever since Indie was born. I enjoy challenging myself with various physical efforts and this was a “bucket list” item of mine.


What other events have you done with a pram?

Travis: We have done various half marathons including the O'Keefe Challenge, Run Melbourne, and the Bendigo Bank Fun Run and often do parkrun here in Bendigo with the pram, too. Apart from the trail run events that I do with my mates, I actually can’t remember the last time I entered something and didn’t do it with the pram!

What sort of training do you (and the kids) do?

Travis: Whatever our schedules allow for, to be honest! We don’t have any set training program other than trying to clock up as many kilometres as we can.


Sometimes this involves a 20-25km run, other times it might be a quick 5km effort. It also depends on the mood of the kids as I want them to enjoy the time together, not think of it as a 'chore'. Trying to get out to the Bendigo Sunday morning run was an important thing in the lead up to the marathon, too.

What do Indie and Hudson do in the pram?

Travis: Indie and Huddo have been in the pram during these runs ever since they were old enough to 'sit' in pram.


They have become very accustomed to longer runs now and are easily entertained most of the time. They often just enjoy talking to each other or trying to engage me in conversation when I am really struggling! Food is a very important part of our preparation as well. There MUST be plenty of snacks in the pram for a run!

What did you enjoy about the O’Keefe Challenge?

Travis: I love the local events because the kids often pick out people they have seen before at other runs and say 'hello' or cheer them on.


The O’Keefe was 'supposed' to be a comfortable 21.1km but it turned out NOT to be the case. With a slight incline all the way to Heathcote, I was constantly hanging out for some flat ground! But as usual with cheering from the kids, we always get to the end. 


I really enjoyed the course and the unexpected challenge it presented. The atmosphere is always an important aspect for us and "The O’Keefe" provided a fun, supportive atmosphere that the three of us could enjoy. We are hoping to be out again in 2019.


For the record, Trav, Indi and Huddo finished the Half Marathon in 23rd position in a time of 1 hour 50 minutes and 57 seconds.


On to the the Ned Kelly Chase and doubling that distance, how did you find that event?


Travis: I absolutely loved the Ned Kelly Chase! It has very similar atmosphere and feel to the O’Keefe Challenge which made it really enjoyable. After not being able to enter Melbourne Marathon (due to their 'no pram policy', the Ned Kelly Chase accepted our entry with the pram with enthusiasm.

What were the hardest parts of the marathon? 

Travis: To be honest, it was a lot more comfortable than I thought it was going to be! The hardest km’s were the first 7-8km, but once we hit a rhythm, away we went. I went in with low expectations, but we just ran and before we knew it, the end was near! 


The kids always cheer and support and they have learnt when I am struggling so they get their cheering going. Why wouldn’t you want to keep going when you have that?

Travis is just one of many people who have inspiring stories of tackling their own challenges through the O'Keefe Challenge. Whatever your 



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