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All the answers to your frequently asked questions about the O'Keefe Challenge.

About the O'Keefe Challenge


The O’Keefe Challenge is a collection of running, walking and cycling events held in and around Heathcote. The signature event, The O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon, sponsored by Mandalay Resources, follows the spectacular old O’Keefe Rail Trail from Junortoun on the outskirts of Bendigo to Heathcote and weaves its way through bushland, open fields, farms, and past Lake Eppalock. 


The event is auspiced by the O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon Inc, a non-profit incorporated entity (ABN: 76 829 945 736), and is managed by a committed group of volunteers.
The Marathon was originally part of the Heathcote Community Games in 2015, but became a standalone event in 2016 with additional fun runs, cycling, walking and community activities added in 2017 and 2018.
All of these activities are designed to celebrate fitness, nature and the community spirit of the Heathcote region.


So, which challenge will you choose?

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