Ekiden Relay

Sunday 19th April 2020


Want to run a marathon, but not as an individual, instead as a team running different sections and distances?


All you need is seven relay team members, and they can choose distances between 2.7km and 9.35 km. The course follows the O'Keefe Challenge Marathon course from Bendigo to Heathcote.


It's perfect for community groups, sporting clubs, work mates or friends.


This year the event has several team categories:

  • Male 

  • Female 

  • Mixed (Minimum of 3 female runners)

  • Secondary School

  • All Abilities, presented by Healthy Mates Bendigo
    (Minimum of 1 person with a disability)

  • Family
    (Minimum of 3 people from the same family)

DISTANCE:  42.195 km

DATE:  19th April 2020

START LOCATION:  Bendigo Baptist Church,757 McIvor Hwy, Junortoun VIC 3550 (Google Map)




FINISH LOCATION:  Barrack Reserve, High St, Heathcote

CUT OFF TIME:  6 Hours


Male / Female / Mixed / All Abilities: $175.00
Secondary School / Family: $150.00

* plus third party booking fees i.e. Register Now.

* No Early Bird Discounts apply for this event.

Course Map

Ekiden Legs:


Approximate Ekiden Leg Distances (degree of difficulty)

Leg 1.Bendigo Baptist Church, Junortoun (Start Line) to Peppercorn Park, Longlea Lane:
7.4 km (flat with very slight undulations)
Google Map Link (Start)
Google Map Link (Longlea Lane)

Leg 2. Longlea to Axedale:
8.7 km (flat with some gradual inclines, one short steep hill of 200m)

Google Map Link (Longlea Lane)

Google Map Link (Axedale)

Leg 3. Axedale to Knowsley:
9.5 km (hardest leg with incline, just gradual in places for first 6km and then some declines.

Google Map Link (Axedale)

Google Map Link (Knowsley)

Leg 4. Knowsley to Moorabbee Foreshore Road
3.3 km 
(flat with slight undulations)


Google Map Link (Knowsley)

Google Map Link (Moorabbee Foreshore Road)

Leg 5. Morrabbee Foreshore Rd to Derrinal Station
(mainly flat but good downhill section)

Google Map Link (Moorabbee Foreshore Road)

Google Map Link (Derrinal Station)

Leg 6. Derrinal Station to Mia Mia Rd
2.9 km 
(very gradual incline in some parts)
Google Map Link (Derrinal Station)

Google Map Link (Mia Mia Rd)

Leg 7. Mia Mia Rd to Barrack Reserve (Finish Line)
6.1 km 
(gradual incline in first half before mainly flat finish)

Google Map Link (Mia Mia Rd)
Google Map Link (Barrack Reserve)

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